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hazMIN by Logical Technologies, Inc. - SDS/MSDS online management and envionmental reporting. your online MSDS/SDS management and environmental reporting solution.

offers exceptional quality HAZCOM solutions and chemical management tools with competitive pricing. Our innovative SDS software suite may be customized to your facilities environmental, health, and safety needs. Add our material handling and material process control modules to make more than a generic online SDS management tool. cutting-edge reporting capabilities, developed over 30 years, are the key to saving you time and adding value to your organization. Whether you are looking for a basic Right-To-Know regulatory solution, desire more advanced full-service chemical management, or need a partner for environmental consulting, let us show you the difference today.

hazMIN by Logical Technologies, Inc. | Safety, Health and Environmental through GHS compliance New to Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE)?

Safety, Health and Environmental through hazMIN by Logical Technologies, Inc.

Do you recognize the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) icons represented at the top of this page?

What is GHS?

Are you still using Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?

Why is everyone upgrading from MSDS to SDS?

Are you familiar with the Federal Right-to-Know (RTK) laws?

Does the Environmental Protection Agency require your company to submit Tier II or Form R Reports, under regulations such as the Clean Air Act?

What is a Tier II or a Form R report?

What is the Clean Air Act?

Are you familiar with International Fire Code (IFC)?

Seasoned SHE professional?
Why is hazMIN® right for you

Environmental Reporting - DIY with hazMIN or have one of our experts complete this critical task for you.
SDS updates are not just promised, they are delivered with industry leading quality.
Material Process Control - Completely customizable solutions for chemicals on site. Control and manage the who, what, why, where, and how of your hazards and chemicals.
Without hazMIN Compliance means endless paperwork

Environmental Compliance is your responsibility

Federal and state environmental regulations require a variety of environmental compliance reports. The corporate or site person responsible for environmental, health and safety has the daunting task of developing systems to generate the varied environmental reports.

is your solution for Environmental Compliance, Reporting and Right-to-Know access.

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hazMIN by Logical Technologies | Get started with EH&S Getting Started with SHE

Without hazMIN®

You would have to do the following, for each and every chemical/product at every workspace accessible to employees and customers.

  • Identify products and chemicals in workspace.
  • Identify manufacturers/suppliers of each product and/or chemical and discover how to contact the appropriate department for SDS information.
  • Contact manufacturers/suppliers via phone, fax, email, or mail to obtain current SDS.
  • Contact manufacturers/suppliers again when request fails to obtain results.
  • Identify if multi-language support is needed for employee/customer accessibility and translate each and every SDS into appropriate languages.
  • Print SDS and compile into repository to make readily available to all employees/customers. (This must be done for every individual employee accessible workspace)
  • Set aside storage space for 30 years worth of SDS information and history.
  • Contact manufacturers and suppliers for ongoing updates.
  • Distribute updated SDS information to all employee accessible SDS repositories
  • Destroy all out-dated paper SDS copies at each work site repository
  • Catalog and store outdated SDS copy for historical reporting/reference
  • Be prepared to immediately produce an SDS for any chemical/product that has been on-site in the last 30 years upon request of OSHA, Fire Department, EPA or similar government agency.

How valuable is your time?

Do you have the resources to complete these tasks routinely for each and every product located within your business?

Logical offers free online training and webinars for all hazMIN software

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Maintain your SDS data with hazMIN
Unlimited RTK access for all employees Unlimited Right-To-Know access for all employees.
Indexed and searchable database of SDS available at your fingers tips at a moments notice Indexed and searchable database of SDS available at your fingers tips at a moments notice.
Automated SDS updates Automated SDS updates.
Multi-platform accessablity. PC/Mac, iPad, tablet, and smartphone Multi-platform accessibility. PC/Mac, iPad, tablet, and smartphone.
Total and complete SDS historical archive Total and complete SDS historical archive.
Relationships with manufacturers cultivated over the past thirty years to facilitate a positive information flow Relationships with manufacturers cultivated over the past thirty years to facilitate a positive information flow.
24x7 SDS online support 24x7 SDS online support
Multi-language support Multi-language support.

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