hazMIN by Logical Technologies, Inc. - The GHS Compliance standard.

hazMIN by Logical Technologies, Inc. - SDS/MSDS online management and envionmental reporting. - the solution for SDS/MSDS management and environmental reporting.

offers exceptional quality HazCom solutions and chemical management tools with competitive pricing.

Our innovative SDS software suite may be customized to your facilities' environmental, health, and safety needs. Add our chemical inventory and committee review modules to make more than a generic online SDS management tool. cutting-edge reporting capabilities, developed over 30 years, are the key to saving you time and adding value to your organization. Whether you are looking for a basic Right To Know regulatory solution, desire more advanced full-service chemical management, or need a partner for environmental consulting, let us show you the difference today.

Without hazMIN Compliance means endless paperwork

Compliance is your responsibility

Federal and state regulations require a variety of corporate responsibilities and environmental compliance reporting. The corporate or site person responsible for environmental, health and safety has the daunting task of developing systems to providing employee access to the most current SDS/MSDS and, when required, generating the varied environmental reports.

is your solution Right To Know access to SDS/MSDSs, Environmental Compliance and Reporting.

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