Chemical Inventory

Hazardous Chemical and Hazardous Waste tracking in one comprehensive module.

The Chemical Inventory Module allows complete Hazardous Chemical and Hazardous Waste tracking in one comprehensive module. The information entered in the module is used by hazMIN®  for , Thresholds and Releases, VOC emissions, and more.

Hazardous Chemical and Hazardous Waste tracking

Input annual usage and storage quantities for reports.

Import third party data on inventory movement from your inventory and purchasing systems.

Use data entry screens to enter information on activities such as receipts, waste and shipments as they happen.

Generate custom reports by site, location, and more. Custom report and/or query generation for receipts, storage, consumption, and shipping.

Calculate reports over any date range.

Store multi-year historical reporting data.

Export and share reports using your data. The allows for report creation and export into a variety of popular office formats.

You can input annual usage and storage quantities for reports. Incorporate custom emission and release factors, even import third party stock transactions from Inventory and Purchasing systems. Then format your reports to a selection of many output options.

and all hazMIN® modules support the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari

hazMIN® offers multi-platform support for Windows, Apple, and Android; Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile devices.

Chemical Inventory and Inventory Tracking at your finger tips
Maintain a history for your entire inventory. Know when you received, stored, consumed, manufactured, and shipped.
Import usage and storage data from third-party databases or enter information directly.
All tracked materials are linked to SDSs, comprehensive chemical tracking is supported.

can allow you to track information based on size and container type of each material tracked. Transaction records document the receipt, storage, consumption, and shipment of material.

With a powerful hierarchical location/chemical relationship indexing system, a user may “tag” multiple locations to a chemical and vice-verse. The locations are searchable, so a user can access a chemical based on its storage or location.

Multi-tiered locations and user security can be set to limit data available at locations. But, corporate management users can get access to broad views of inventory

Having all of your data, at your fingertips, is only the first step. Using robust report generation tool, you can share your data any way you want. From customizable fields to multi-format document output, your information can be distributed to the people and places it needs to be.


hazMIN is your EH&S building block
SDS Management
Documents your hazardous materials and wastes within your Safety Data Sheets.
Chemical Inventory
Documents the onsite storage, movement and shipping of your hazardous materials and waste. Generate email notifications of trigger events.
Task Management (Optional)
Assign compliance responsibilities, track deadlines, and document compliance.

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